Trimming your shrubs and trees can improve their health. It can also help the plants grow better. If you have diseased shrubs or trees in your home, trimming away or removing the dead parts can keep the disease from spreading. Generally, trimming is quoted per shrub or tree. This is because every plant is capable of presenting a different issue, problem, or situation.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Removing or Trimming Shrubs or Trees

1.    The Type of the Shrub or Tree

Different species of shrubs and trees will have varying trimming or removal costs. Some trees and shrubs may have more foliage that needs tree pruning or hard to access branch patterns. Some plants may be more difficult to uproot.

Any professional should give you a quote based on what they observe. At Tree Service Fresno, we inspect homes and then give Fresno homeowners a quote based on what we see.

2.    Tree Height

If you have exceptionally tall trees in your home, specialized equipment may be required to reach the tree’s branches. Accessing trees which have grown in odd ways could be tough. This could raise the trimming prices.

3.    Power Lines

If your trees have grown around power lines, trimming them might be dangerous. Trimming such trees may cost you more. This is understandable considering that the branches cannot be allowed to fall freely to the ground around the power line. Each branch has to be roped and then lowered gently to the ground. This will take more time.

4.    Felled Wood

If the trimming job is big, more felled wood will be produced. If the trimming job is small, you can request the trimming company to haul the wood away after trimming your trees. If the company is working on a larger tree, you can consider keeping the wood for firewood. If you do decide to keep the felled wood for use as firewood, you may need to add splitting and cutting costs to the total trimming cost. If you decide to cut and split the wood yourself, you can save yourself the cutting and splitting costs.

Stump Removal or Grinding

If you intend to get rid of a tree stump, you can talk to tree trimming professionals about the grinding or removal costs. Stump grinding is generally a straightforward job. It is often quoted at an hourly rate. If you want the stump to be removed completely, you may have to spend more money. It is almost impossible to determine how complex or large the tree stump’s root system is before the excavation starts. Tree removal may take more time than you had initially bargained for. Unless the stump has to be removed, grinding it down to the ground may be a much better and cheaper option.