Best Trees in Fresno County

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Tree Services

If you’re looking to plant trees in Fresno County, California, it’s important to choose species that thrive in the region and provide ample shade. Some top choices include the Fremont Cottonwood, Western Sycamore, Valley Oak, Red Willow, and Douglas Fir. Each of these trees has unique characteristics that make them perfect for Fresno’s climate and landscape.

1. Fremont Cottonwood: A Historic Tree with Dense Foliage

The Fremont Cottonwood is a native tree that has been used for centuries by Native Americans for shade and shelter. It produces a dense canopy of dark green leaves and vibrant fruit throughout the year. Learn more about the services provided by our tree service company.

On average, each tree has ten to 15 dark green, glossy leaves and bears fruit up to six or seven years after planting. The cottonwood produces light yellow fruit that is highly visible when the tree is leafless. Although the predominant color of the tree’s leaves changes from season to season, it changes with a different hue each year: in autumn, the leaves turn red and orange; in spring they turn green, and in summer they turn yellow.

2. Western Sycamore: A Coastal Native Perfect for Urban Areas

Western Sycamores are native to the Fresno region and grow well in coastal areas with access to water sources. They are often used as ornamental trees and grow up to 30 feet tall, making them perfect for providing shade in parks, yards, and along streets. Discover more about our Clovis tree service.

The tree does best where the winters are cool and moist, with temperatures reaching around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and warm summers exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The Western Sycamore is quite adaptable and can be used in parks, yards, along streets, and even as a shade tree for large buildings. The tree grows to be more than 60 feet in diameter at maturity.

3. Valley Oak: A Long-Lived Shade Provider

With a lifespan of over 1200 years, the Valley Oak is a popular choice for homeowners in Fresno. Its dark green leaves and distinctive appearance make it a great shade tree for the region’s hot summers and cold winters. Explore more about our tree service Madera offerings.

The tree is very popular in California, and it is a desirable species for homeowners to plant. Valley Oaks are very tall trees, but they can be trained to grow as shrubs or hedges.

Valley Oak trees stand out from a variety of other trees because of their distinctive “dog-leg” or “diamond-shaped” appearance. Valley Oaks are often used to mark property lines in central Fresno, and the tree produces a lot of shade. The tree’s shade makes it ideal for the central regions of Fresno with its hot summers and cold winters. The leaves on the tree are dark green, and they persist throughout the year. In addition, this tough tree can endure windstorms that knock over other trees in Fresno.

4. Red Willow: A Shade-Loving Evergreen

The Red Willow is a shade-loving, evergreen tree that’s perfect for backyards in Fresno County. Its leaves turn a beautiful red color in the fall before dropping, adding a touch of seasonal color to your landscape. Find out more about our tree service Dinuba options.

This type of tree can be found in various forms across Fresno County, from well-manicured yards to natural landscapes. Each location provides its own unique feature that makes it an attractive option for homeowners who want something different.

5. Douglas Fir: A “Big Tree” for Dense Canopies

The Douglas Fir is a large, broad tree that prefers moist habitats. Its unique cone and needle structure create a dense canopy, making it a great choice for shade in Fresno. Learn more about our tree service Fowler services.

The Douglas Fir is typically found in western parts of the United States and Canada. Typically, these trees are broad and large because they prefer moist habitats. Their cones are small but grow upright on top of branches (instead of hanging down like other cone-bearing trees). They have flattened needles that grow in clusters instead of single needles.

By selecting the right tree species for your property in Fresno County, you’ll be able to enjoy dense shade and natural beauty for years to come. For expert advice on planting and maintaining these trees, consult with a professional arborist or a local tree service company. To find a tree service near you, visit the following pages

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