Home Service Direct Builds New Tree Service Website from Scratch

by | Jun 30, 2022 | Tree Services

When we approached Home Service Direct for help with our tree service website, we never thought we would end up with a custom-designed website. The company, however, did a good job custom-designing the new website that went live today.

Some of the website features that impressed us most include:

The Website Responds to Screen Size

Whether a homeowner is using a mobile phone or desktop computer to visit the website, his view remains unchanged. Home Service Direct took advantage of what they are calling “responsive web design.” The new website responds to screen size and shifts the important features to be accessible to everyone at all times.

Data Safety is Guaranteed

To ensure the data coming from our customers remains safe, we had to request Home Service Direct to improve the safety protocols on our website. The company implemented a modern SSL certificate on the new site. The new certificate encrypts data when it is being entered and when in transit to our servers. This guarantees none of the private data coming from our customers can be accessed by hackers.

The Site Loads in Under 2 Seconds

With a large number of people having a lot of things going on in their lives, we wanted to ensure we were not creating another problem with a slow-loading website. Home Service Direct helped us achieve our goal by designing a website that loads in less than 2 seconds.

The Site is Optimized for Google

Our major goal when investing in the new website was to ensure that we were getting leads from the internet. The easiest way to get these leads is to ensure the website appears first in the Google search results page. Using the right keywords and the correct internal and external links, Home Service Direct ensured our website ranks high on Google.

The Website Makes Tree Service Ordering Extremely Easy

With the new website, homeowners will no longer need to visit our offices to request tree service procedures. The new website has a simple form that allows interested customers to request tree service procedures.

Contact Detail Collection

Home Service Direct has done an impressive job by creating a way for us to collect customer contact details. With customers’ email addresses, we will be in a better position when it comes to reminding these customers to come for more tree service procedures.

Home Service Direct has gone way beyond our expectations with the new tree service website. The company ensured that our new website has all the features we would need to acquire customers from all parts of the world. What’s more, the website is extremely easy to use. To experience how easy it is to use the new website, be sure to click around as you explore the website features.

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