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    Certified Fresno Tree Service Experts

    Tree Service Fresno is a family-owned tree service with over 25-years of experience caring for the natural landscape of communities in Fresno and Madera counties. Our goal is to provide exceptional tree service to all residential and commercial clients looking to maintain or improve the natural surroundings of their homes and businesses.

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    Reliable and fast on time

    Tree Service Fresno’s crew made my family happy. The service was prompt and the job was completed faster than I imagined.

    Jeff C. – Clovis, CA

    Great Service

    Excellent and professional people. They were a pleasure to have around. David was always keeping me updated as to their progress.

    Karen W. – Clovis CA.

    Very Professional

    They had the tree removed the same day the tree fell. They did such a good job, we hired them to remove other dead trees

    Eric O. – Clovis, CA

    Tree Service Fresno specializes in the proper maintenance of all types of trees. Call Us Today For Our 25% Off Special.

    Certified Arborists

    A Certified Arborist in Fresno is a dedicated professional that has many years of experience and formal training. We guarantee that all of our projects are managed by a Certified Arborist for your protection and peace of mind.

    Safest Tree Removal Methods

    We always use the SAFEST tree removal methods for your property’s safety, to ensure efficiency, and to promote safety! We strive to save every tree we can, but sometimes tree removal is necessary.

    Expert Tree Service

    We are a local family owned and operated tree service and tree care company in Fresno, CA. We give you the promise of our hard work, dedication, and decades of expert experience.

    Happiness Guaranteed

    We provide professional and affordable tree care for our clients. We’d love the opportunity to work with you and show why our exceptional service sets us apart from the rest.

    Tree Service Fresno Fresno Tree Trimming Service

    Trees will grow according to many factors from how much sunlight they receive, as well as the sun’s position, to the quality of soil they’re planted in. With all the different ways a tree can grow and change over time, tree trimming can become necessary for many reasons. Branches can grow to block a great view and devalue your property, dead limbs of a tree can catch diseases that will spread to the whole tree. Maybe your tree is growing in the direction of a powerline or will become a hazard to you and your home during a storm. There are lots of situations where a tree can become a liability. However, more often than not, you can avoid costly procedures in the future like completely removing the tree through proper tree trimming maintenance—and Quality Tree care provides all the necessary services to cover all tree trimming needs that you might encounter. Check out our tree trimming costs.
    Fresno Arborist Service
    Fresno Arborist Service
    Fresno Arborist Service

    Tree Trimming Requires Professional Tools and Skills

    Trimming a tree can be dangerous work. Especially for someone not well informed or equipped for the right methods used in the caring and maintenance of trees. It is important to remember that a single branch of a tree can easily weigh a few hundred pounds. For the sake of safety, you should think of tree trimming as working with large brown steel beams. You wouldn’t have just anyone handling steel beams now, you would need a professional. Our tree trimmers are professionals that know the inner workings and biology of all species of trees. We have the knowledge and experience to know the best method to deal with every issue an overgrown tree can create. This means knowing how to assess the entirety of the tree from the crown to the roots, then using that information to predict how the tree will grow, then finally determining how to best direct that tree’s growth; all while taking into consideration your needs and the health of the tree.

    There are tons of procedures that can be performed on a tree to enhance its beauty, safety, and health—all requiring different tools and methods. Cleaning out the crown of the tree is a standard procedure used for maintenance and it entails pruning dead and dying limbs, crossing limbs, and any parts of the tree that are crowding the canopy and preventing healthy growth. To do those things, you first need to know how to identify all of those issues and then have the right specific tools to complete the job. The tools needed to best trim a tree will greatly depend on the state of the tree and the level of trimming it needs. While its possible to learn all this on your own and rent some of the equipment, making a mistake on this kind of job can be very costly. Why risk it when there are professionals with years of experience ready to help right here in Fresno.

    Why is it Important to Trim
    your Trees?

    Fresno Tree Removal
    Trimming your trees can have many benefits to both you and those around you. Specifically, trees can play a huge role in the value of a property. If your home or property is sitting next to a beautiful lake or landscape, but your trees are overgrown and blocking the view, this can cause a serious drop in the value of that property. To take that example even further, you may not even know what potentially amazing views are accessible from your property due to how long your trees have been in that state. Trimming your trees here would not only increase the value of your home, but your trees will stop being a burden to your property and only add to the beauty there as it was originally intended to.

    Trimming your trees will also prevent falling limbs, which can be a very costly and a dangerous hazard. After a storm passes, you will find that most of the damages that occurred were caused by dead limbs that shook loose and fell onto whatever was nearby; damaging everything from cars to houses to powerlines. Falling tree limbs is a very serious issue here in Fresno and is the source of a lot of strife when dealing with the insurance companies. A standard trimming or even just a review of a tree by Quality Tree care could’ve prevented millions of dollars in damages that have accrued after every storm or earthquake.

    Trimming a Tree Keeps
    It Healthy

    Fresno Tree Trimming
    Trees are living growing things. Just as we need a haircut from time to time or a snake sheds its skin as it grows, trees need to be trimmed to get rid of the pieces that have died or they have outgrown. Leaving dead, dying, or awkwardly growing limbs as is can actually bring harm to the tree. Dead limbs easily contract plant diseases and spread them to the healthy living parts of the tree. Limbs that have too much weight at their tips can cause them to drop and break. A healthier tree will keep the leaves longer and drop less dead leaves and twigs onto the ground. Fruit bearing trees will also produce more fruits that are both larger and of better quality. Healthier trees will also look healthier and enhance the natural aesthetics of everything around them. While Tree Service Fresno is always ready to meet your needs, we still do everything we can to promote a healthy tree because we know that at the end of the day a healthy tree will only ever help you.
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